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You may not be conscious of it, but people sense the difference between a professional paint job and one done by amateurs. The preparation is meticulous, without bumps or ridges showing through. The colors are consistent, without previous colors showing through. Borders, such as at moldings, are sharp. Trim coats are glassy smooth and unblemished.

JESOM Construction offers interior and exterior commercial painting service to clients of many sizes, from medical offices and apartment complexes to restaurants and corporate offices. Our crews are fully licensed and insured, and a warranty is included for each completed project.

JESOM Construction uses only the best products to ensure an easy-to-maintain, highly durable finish on all types of substrates. In both public and private settings, we aim to minimize disruption, maximize coating performance, and maintain a safe working environment for all. We also work with you to ensure that the color is right!


We offer comprehensive resources and an experienced employee base, which provides our clients with safe, efficient, and cost-effective services.

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Exterior & Interior Painting

The interior appearance of your commercial property is just as important as the exterior.

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Fiber Reinforced Plastic

FRP is a composite material made of a polymer matrix reinforced with fibers. The polymer is usually an epoxy, vinylester or plastic.

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Commercial Complete Additions

Regardless of how simple or complex your building needs may be our knowledgeable experts are excited to begin turning your ideas into reality.

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Commercial Drywall

JESOM Construction is ready, willing and able to meet the drywall installation and repair needs of any size project.

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Acoustical Ceilings

Our scope of work includes acoustical ceilings, ceiling suspension systems, acoustical tile, decorative panel ceilings, metal ceilings and Insulation.

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