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Service Description

With our continued success in the residential sector while expanding our services in to the commercial construction sector we have been able to transfer the quality and attention to detail that is sometimes overlooked in commercial construction. While the timelines are tighter for opening businesses or putting multi-family projects in to service, quality control is still at the front of our priorities. While structurally and finishes are typically similar between commercial construction and residential, the main difference between the methods and process is mainly more detailed finish details on plan design for commercial construction which actually enables us to facilitate a more rapid timeline by taking onsite design out of the picture.

While business owners and developers of commercial spaces are concerned with completion deadlines, quality control is still a concern and an on going issue in the commercial construction sector for this reason we believe we offer an elite service by accommodating standard structural services along with our experience with a high level of focused detail to quality control.

Regardless of how simple or complex your building needs may be our knowledgeable experts are excited to begin turning your ideas into reality. Our goal is to continue building lasting relationships through quality, service and integrity.

We are confident that you will find the dedication of our employees, our quality control, and high standard of manufacturing a great fit for your building needs and budget requirements.

Why Choose Us?

Professional Specialist

We offer a selection of over 2,000 high quality paint colors

Insured & Covered

Insured and vetted house painters, plus project managers dedicated to every single customer, ensure our 100% satisfaction guarantee

No Hidden Fees

All paint, supplies, set-up, and clean-up are rolled into one simple quote (no hidden fees!)

Coordination Process -

Whether you're building a new custom home or just need to patch a golf ball-sized hole in your wall, Jesom Construction can meet your drywall needs. We offer complete installation (hanging), including a variety of textures, as well as minor repairs. We approach every job with exceptional attention to detail, quality, and cleanliness.

Reporting and Cost Control +
Commissioning and Project +
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